Medium-Like Decentralized Blogging Platform Powered by BCH

Matter, a new blogging platform with the look and feel of Medium, is calling itself a ” decentralized blogging and social media community “. All actions are stored on the BCH blockchain, with the keys only stored on your browser. Each transaction is fully constructed in the browser and sent to the backend for broadcasting to a node. New features such as likes, comments, and follows are coming soon to the blogging platform. According to the Matter Protocol that is documented on the site, users must have a Bitcoin Cash wallet in order to use the platform.


On a “freedom of the press” level, Matter essentially permits a decentralized substitute to bypass centralized companies who have the ability to promote and censor certain information. The brand new app prompted discussions about whether storing seemingly arbitrary information in the blockchain was a good use case for the network.

For typical blogs, there are costs associated with web hosting and server fees, not to mention SSL certificates and domain name registration. With Matter, there are only minimal miners fees, so anyone can create posts of any size that will be stored on the blockchain forever, reducing the need to pay the yearly fees of other servers and hosting plans.

There are several other decentralized social media platforms like Steem or Blockpress but whereas Steem is like Reddit and Blockpress is like Twitter, with a low character limit, Matter is catered toward long-form blogging with no character limits.

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