MainNet TRX Migration will be Executed Automatically by all of these Exchanges

Tron founder, Justin Sun, posted on Twitter:

#TRON $TRX #TRX migration will occur from Jun 21 to Jun 25 11:59PM Singarpore time. If your ERC20 TRX are held in a wallet, you must deposit your TRX to an exchange supporting the migration before Jun 24th 11:59PM Singapore time.

This means, for holders (or HODLers) of Tron, you must swap your current ERC-20 based Tron tokens for the new TRX coin on the new Tron blockchain between June 21-25 by depositing your tokens on one of the following exchanges that support the token swap. The migration will be executed automatically by any of the exchanges listed below (alphabetical order):

  1. Bit-Z
  2. Bibox
  3. Binance
  4. Bitfinex
  5. Bitforex
  6. Bithumb
  8. BitPro
  9. Bitpie
  10. Bittrex
  11. Bixin
  12. Coinegg
  13. Coinnest
  14. Coinrail
  15. CoinTiger
  16. DragonEx
  20. Liqui
  22. OKEx
  23. OTCBTC
  24. RightBTC
  25. Upbit
  26. Zebpay


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