It’s Time to Buy Ripple (XRP) – Here’s Why

Ripple is one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies in the space. xCurrent, Ripple’s instant payment option, has enabled Ripple to land major partnerships such as American Express and Santander Bank.

Just a few days ago, American Express announced that they will be working with Ripple and Santander to introduce a blockchain solution. Although the American Express has since edited the ad, it stayed long enough for the viewers to get a hold of it. The collaboration is however featured on Ripples official twitter account.

Last week a VP at American Express, Colin O’Flaherty, confirmed that the company is set to adopt Ripple’s xCurrent payment method. Since the announcement, Ripple network has had an enormous number of accounts created n the past two days. Fintechs are able to move funds faster and effectively using xCurrent and other Ripple payment options.

New Banking Partnership in Kuwait

Ripple’s payment options can have an influence on the financial industry. xRapid, xCurrent and Xvia payment methods are affordable, faster, and more efficient than traditional methods and has helped secure partnerships for Ripple. The newest partnership in Kuwait is the Kuwait Finance House, the second largest bank in Kuwait. It is the first bank in Kuwait to join RippleNet and to adopt the xCurrent payment solution.

Ripple Market performance

The crypto market has had a bad run in the past week. The hack on the South Korean exchanged platform yielded a sell-off. The cumulative crypto market value dropped below $300 billion following an over 99% trade in the red over at a point in the past week. They have however staged a comeback with a combined value of over $300 billion total market cap.

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