How Much are Cryptocurrency Exchanges Making?

According to Bloomberg estimates, the top cryptocurrency exchanges are generating at least $2 million dollars in revenue per day, mainly from fees generated from buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

A visual from HowMuch shows:

Exchanges - Which Are the Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

The top 3 exchanges by revenue per day are Binnace, Upbit and Huobi.

Binance has daily earnings average $3.48 million dollars with 38% of its customers coming from the United States. By trading volume, they are 2nd behind OKEx tracking almost $1.6 billion in 24 hour volume.

Meanwhile Upbit is 2nd in daily revenue, with 95% of its customers in South Korea. The platform makes $3.42 million dollars per day, and is currently 6th in daily trading volume at $410 million.

Huobi is 3rd making on average $2.29 million dollars per day.

The top 3 markets in order by trade volume are Japan, United States, then South Korea.

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